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If you would like to receive a free demo or purchase any of the projects, please contact me:

If you are interested in any of my projects, please send me an email to the email address above and let me know which projects you would like to try. At the moment I can only provide you Windows demos. However, all projects are cross platform and if you buy them, you will be able to compile them to any platform you want, once you have the code. 

Each project can be purchased with the corresponding source code. All solutions here have a downloadable demo which gives you the opportunity to test them on your own computer, with your own images, videos or cameras. All project code is written purely in C++ in order to achieve higher efficiency. This makes it ideal for running on embedded systems, cameras and other low-resource hardware.


I can offer to send you a demo running on windows, so you can test the accuracy and measure the speed and memory, cpu usage on a desktop machine. If based on your test you think you would like to buy one of my projects, then there is an option to buy. If you buy any of my solutions, you will receive it's source code and the corresponding models. 

No hurry, please make sure this project is right for you. Please read carefully the description of the solution you wish to purchase on this website. Test the demo on your own computer, with your own images, videos or cameras and make sure it provides the right accuracy, speed and quality for you. 

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