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Request a Demo

To explore my projects firsthand, I invite you to request a demo or inquire about purchasing by contacting:


How to Request

For project inquiries or demo requests, please email me at the address provided above, specifying which projects you are interested in exploring. Currently, I am offering demos exclusively for Windows; however, rest assured that all projects are cross-platform compatible. Once purchased, you’ll have the flexibility to compile them to any platform of your preference, given you will have access to the code.

What’s Included

Each project is available with corresponding source code. My downloadable demos allow you to experience the solutions directly on your computer, enabling you to test them with your own images, videos, or cameras. Every project is developed purely in C++, focusing on high efficiency and optimal performance, especially on embedded systems, cameras, and other resource-restricted hardware.

Purchase and Evaluation

I can dispatch a Windows-based demo for you to evaluate accuracy, speed, and resource utilization (memory, CPU) on a desktop machine. Should you find the project aligns with your needs, you have the option to proceed with a purchase. Upon purchasing any solution, you will receive the source code and corresponding models.

Due Diligence

Take your time—ensure the project aligns with your requirements. Please review the project descriptions meticulously on this website. Test the demos thoroughly with your materials to confirm they meet your expectations for accuracy, speed, and quality.


Request a demo by emailing, specifying the projects of your interest. Evaluate the demos thoroughly to ensure they align with your needs and expectations before making any purchases. Purchased solutions come with the source code and models, allowing compatibility and optimization on various platforms.

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