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Brief Introduction

   This solution is a face detection system that can analyze the degree of visibility and occlusion of each detected face. For every face captured by the software, it provides detailed insights about the percentage of the face that is visible and the percentage that is obscured or occluded.


The Issue of Face Obscuration in Public Establishments

   In public places like banks and stores, there's an expectation of visibility. A concealed face can raise safety concerns and hinder identification in case of incidents. Even without malicious intent, a hidden face can make employees and customers uneasy, potentially deterring repeat business.

The Solution: Advanced Camera Systems with Software Integration

   There's a pressing need for a system to detect concealed faces upon entry. Such a solution would alert staff or security without necessarily confronting the individual. It's about promoting safety and a positive customer experience, not surveillance for its own sake.

Demo usage:

Command: Demo.exe ./resources.bin 0

Effect: The program accesses and processes the primary camera feed.


Command: Demo.exe ./resources.bin 1

Effect: If multiple cameras are connected to your PC, this command allows the program to access and process the secondary camera feed.


Command: Demo.exe ./resources.bin "C://demo/test.mp4"

Effect: This command prompts the program to access and process a specific video file.


Command: Demo.exe ./resources.bin "rtsp://"

Effect: The program is capable of accessing and processing other video sources, including RTSP or MJPEG streams.

To exit the program at any time, press the ESC key.

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